A Twist of Jeff

Jeff Maluleke is a contempory South African singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was was born and raised in semi-rural South Africa, Bushbuckridge in the heart of Mpumalanga Province in the Northern region of the country. He is said to have had an early interest in music.

When he completed his studies at home, he moved to Johannesburg where he attended an engineering course at Primitive Studios. During the course he met Dr. Victor who hired him as a backing vocalist for the Rasta Rebels. Jeff was then invited to write a track with Dr. Victor and together they came up with “I Miss Your Love” which was released on the album “One Goal, One Wish”.

His music career started in 1995, when he approached the CCP record company with a rough four-track demo. Since then, he has released many notable albums, such as Juliana (1998), Kilimanjaro (2000), Mambo (2002), and the last album Ndzilo (1997), meaning 'fire'. Jeff's career in music has led him to receive many awards for his music and videos.

SAMA 10 Award – 2003/4 (Best Composer) –album MAMBO
KORA AWARD – 2003 – (Best Video) - MAMBO
SAMA 8 Award – 2001/2 (Best Contemporary African album) – KILIMANJARO
KORA AWARD – 2002 – (Revelation of the Year) - KILIMANJARO
SAMA 7 –2000/1 – Best Producer – album Juliana

A "Twist of Jeff" is his latest album which was produced by Musa Manzini and Lawrence Matshiza. It is a twist of Jeff Maluleke due to its inclusion of jazz elements, whereas Jeff has been previously pigeon holed as a traditional African music artist in the Tsonga domain, this album combines both worlds and highlights another dimension of Jeff's musicality virtuosity.

Featured artists: Frank Paco, Lucas Khumalo, Camillo Lombard, Tlale Makhene, Lawrence Matshiza, Musa Manzini, and many more.