My Bass

This new project is solely about the bass, an appreciation and homage to the bass as a solo instrument. My Bass sees Musa Manzini displaying a sense of unparalleled maturity, using the bass so soulfully and seductively to lure the listener into a sense of ease, upliftment, joy, elation, and ultimately, fulfillment. Musa has definitely established himself as a proficient bassist of note and carved himself a niche in the jazz idiom.

My Bass comprises of 15 well balanced tracks, offering the listener complete and unique insight into the art of the bass. The African, latin and funk grooves are so perfectly manipulated here into a style that enables Musa to elevate the bass to a supreme status as a solo instrument. His command of the bass throughout this CD is totally awesome, undoubtedly original, and simply, a Musa Manzini signature.

My Bass is a beautifully crafted project, well produced and executed. Just sit back and enjoy it. Let it touch your heart. Let it move your soul.

Track 1. “Just Like Cape Town” is influenced by the Cape Town music scene. The ‘jazzin’ scene where couples take to the dance floor with sheer exuberance.

Track 2. “Noluthando” is about a lonely guy who misses his love and wants her to return home. This is his soulful and seductive lure to win back her love.

Track 3. “Tembani” is a section in Khayelitsha, Cape Flats, where Musa’s parents live. This tune is influenced by this vibrant township life. It features the magic touch of Harold Wynkwart on the organ.

Track 4. “Talk To Me” appeals to a lost lover who refuses to talk to her man. He assures her that he is there for her. Features Herbie Tsoaeli on vocals.

Track 5. “Blue Bass” is a tribute to Musa’s blue bass guitar. A Yamaha 4 string bass guitar. It’s an appreciation of the bass guitar as a groove and lead instrument. The spoken word brilliance is by Antonio Lyonns.

Track 6. “Bass Funtasie” showcases Musa having fun slapping on the bass. A bass interlude.

Track 7. “Eyabahlonishwa” is a dedication and respect to South Africa’s great piano legends. Features Africa Mkhize on piano.

Track 8. “African Union” was influenced by the urgent need for African unity, co-existance and understanding. A hip, modern, funky groove featuring Erik Pilane (guitar), Percy Mbonani (sax) and Harold Wynkwart (organ).

Track 9 & 10. “Lonely House” is a house style song giving a mood of open spaces and solitary reflections.

Track 11. “Bass Talk” is a solo bass interlude.

Track 12. “Latin Love” is an easy listening latin styled love song featuring the bass and Rhodes keyboard.

Track 13. “Sebenza Always/Qukula Zasha” is a rendition of “Sebenz’ Ukuze kungen’ Imali”. It’s a song which injects a sense of hard work, ethic and motivation into South Africans in order to acheive a better life.

Produced by Musa Manzini
Recorded at Rocket Road Studios by Troye Lilley
Mixed and Mastered at Jazzworx by Robin Kohl

Featured Artists:
Africa Mkhize
Harold Wynkwart
Erik Pilane
Herbie Tsoaeli
Percy Mbonani
Antonio Lyonns
Julian Wiggins
Adam Howard
Bez Roberts